Mapping Transit (In)Equity in the Puget Sound

...the quality of transit service is dependent upon on sales tax revenue, which is reflective of an area's economy, tax rates, and past decisions of lawmakers who have chosen one form of urban development over another, [making] transit service prone to geographic disparity.

Addressing transit inequity in Tacoma

The most frequent bus route in Tacoma on weekdays, Route 1 - 6th Ave - Pacific Ave, will operate once every half hour on weekdays, due to a lack of bus operators. Here I present a concept plan to address the issue.

Climate and Planning

The debate on the existence of human-driven climate change is over. For the last two centuries humans have been burning solid, liquid, and gaseous fossil fuels in increasing amounts, which has been gradually changing the composition of the atmosphere and our oceans.

on transit and housing

For Tacoma to continue to be a welcoming city to people who make less than the regional median income, we must plan to build more housing in such a way that people will be able to afford it, regardless of their income level or family size.