Nice to meet you.

I'm your friendly, neighborhood transit wonk.  In 2019 I was appointed by the Tacoma City Council to serve on the Planning Commission in the public transportation seat.  I advocate for current and future riders of public transportation by supporting growth in housing, education, and employment near bus and rail lines.  In 2021 I was elected as Vice-Chair of the Commission, where I help to set the agenda and compose comment and recommendation letters.

I previously co-chair the Housing Equity Taskforce (HET), which is working on recommendations for expanding affordable housing in Tacoma by making changes to the city's growth strategy and land use code.  I previoulsy served on the Transit Oriented Development Advisory Group (TODAG), which is reviewed station locations for the Tacoma Dome Link Extension light rail project.  I now serve on the Joint Task Force for Transit Oriented Development with members of the Planning and Transportation Commissions.

For my day job, I am a Data Science consultant at a large data and software company. My specialty is in data engineering and application architecture, with most of my code in the R statistical language.

If you have any transit or land use issues in Tacoma you would like to discuss, I am reachable via email at chris.tacoma (at)