Hi, I'm Chris.

Nice to meet you.

I'm your friendly, neighborhood transit wonk.  In 2019 I was appointed by the Tacoma City Council to serve on the Planning Commission in the public transportation seat.  I advocate for current and future riders of public transportation by supporting growth in housing, education, and employment near bus and rail lines.  In 2021 I was elected as Vice-Chair of the Commission, where I help to set the agenda and compose comment and recommendation letters.

I co-chair the Housing Equity Taskforce (HET), which is working on recommendations for expanding affordable housing in Tacoma by making changes to the city's growth strategy and land use code.  I also serve on the Transit Oriented Development Advisory Group (TODAG), which is reviewing station locations for the Tacoma Dome Link Extension light rail project.

For my day job, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Sound Transit, where I help to keep Puget Sound transit travelers well informed about their journey with accurate schedule and vehicle arrival information and trip planning via OneBusAway mobile applications for Android and iOS as well as via soundtransit.org.  My specialty is in data engineering and application architecture, with most of my code in the R statistical language.

If you have any transit or land use issues in Tacoma you would like to discuss, I am reachable on Twitter as @TacomaTransit.